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Welcome to Spy-Incorporated.

If you have a Mission Access Code, click Agent LogIn, if you are just visiting read on....

We are the world leader in corporate spy games and spy theme treasure hunts. With over 8 years of experience our network of suppliers continues to grow. We have operated games for 10 to 4000 delegates. Once you have a Mission Access Code your team can log in, activate the mission and head out to rendezvous with the spies we have planted. Or we can create a bespoke game to suit your company HR, marketing or branding objectives.

Planning, Delegation, Time & Team Management!

SPY INC is unique! Spy Inc is a fun, interactive, team game, designed to test any team's planning, delegation, communication and time & team management skills, in a creative & fun learning environment. We have played games for fun, for team development, for educational development and for branding and marketing events.

Our Spy-Games start by teams logging on from any location with mobile or internet access for a mission briefing, this activates the team mission clock. The brief outlines the scenario, objectives and gives relevant advice and clues. Teams are then required to physically take part in the mission at a nearby location i.e. city, town, hotel

We can set up a spy game in a matter of hours in almost any location in the world and our global connection of suppliers is growing.

At Spy Inc we give you everything you need: The mission briefing, relevant intelligence, training notes and a spy kit, but after that you're on your own and the clock is ticking!

There's no limit to the number of teams who can play and compete against each other. A game can last for 30 minutes or 3 days - it's that flexible. Our Spy Game computer can measure each team's performance, offer online advice about managing a team, record results and can even award the prizes to winning teams.

Our Spy Game starts by logging on to www.spy-inc.com from anywhere with internet or increasingly mobile access. This could be at your office, an internet cafe or hotel venue. By clicking New Agents and entering your Mission Access Code (which we provide), you will be able to commence a spy game. The mission starts by presenting you some background intelligence and then the objectives and clues to complete the mission. After that it's essential you understand and communicate the objective and plan a strategy with the rest of the team, as a clock is now ticking and you're on your own.

Teams then go live and enter into the theatre of operations (usually a nearby town, city or hotel grounds) as directed by the spy mission briefing. Your performance will be measured both by time and against other teams playing or previous agents' performances. When you complete a mission your time is calculated and presented on the Spy game league table, so you can compare performances and award prizes. Be prepared for anything as you set off on a challenging hunt for the truth! So is it real or still just a game?

The Mission Brief:

"Good afternoon teams, my name is Agent 75 of Spy Inc, we work with the government, not for the government. In times of crisis we call upon ordinary citizens to undergo extraordinary missions. Today is such a day! Here's your Spy Case and your Mission Access Code. Your mission will be delivered via our secure online site www.spy-inc.com the rest is up to you - good luck you have 3 hours."


Where is Spy Inc?

Who knows! You can either accept one of our Spy-Games in a number of locations around Europe, the UAE or Australasia, or we can tailor a virtual mission scenario to meet your specific training needs or HR objectives and play it anywhere.

Full facilitation can be provided if required by Spy Inc consultants or internally by your own staff. For an additional fee your own facilitator or team leader can log on to our Spy Inc Facilitation Notes. This service provides a step-by-step guide through the mission process, advice on how to measure the team's performance and pertinent questions to ask at each stage of the mission. The information can then be used to form the basis of a follow-on development workshop or review session. Our Spy Game is a superb team building game for training and development or run as a short conference ice breaker.

Spy Inc is flexible and creative and has many applications:

  • Team Building Day
  • Conference Ice Breaker
  • Communication Exercise
  • Competition
  • Information Delivery
  • Induction Day
  • Marketing and Branding exercise

Once created, games can be played time and time again, making it a highly cost-effective method to train and develop your staff.

Want to know more about Corporate Spy Games or other Spy Treasure Hunt style events? Check out our FAQs or call us now - no password required!

For all Spy Games contact your Country or Regional Supplier:

For tech support contact: Spy-Inc Tech Support T: UK +44 (0) 1793 772999 M: +44 (0) 7545501763

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We have worldwide operators of our popular spy treasure hunt style games with reciprocal links in Dubai, UAE, Europe and Australasia.

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