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What does this service provide?

This service provides a step-by-step guide through the mission process, advice on how to measure the team’s performance and pertinent questions to ask at each stage of the mission.The information can then be used to form the basis of a follow on development workshop or review session. The facilitation service can be accessed by contacting your game prov ider or Spy Inc for a log in code.

Our facilitation service covers the 5 subjects embedded in a mission :



  • The Problem
  • Planning
  • Team Management
  • Delegation
  • The Review Process



Investors In People (IIP)
Thousands of organisations have found that improving their people is an effective way of improving their business. Spy Inc is a fun, versatile and cost effective way to fulfil much of the IIP criteria. The standard of IIP is built upon four principles - commitment, planning, action, evaluation. A Spy Inc game can provide the framework from which to deliver a number of the key indicators outlined by IIP. For example:


  • Commitment

    The game will develop an individuals performance and their performance in a team

    People will be able to recognise how their performance to a team or the organisation is of value and recognised

    Management can give evidence of investment in support of the development of their people

  • Planning

    Games can be designed to examine or explain the organisations aims and objectives, or changes within the organisation

    People can examine what role they play and how thy contribute to the organisations aims and objectives

  • Action

    The game can test, evaluate or educate a managers knowledge in the skills needed to effectively develop their people or their team

    People can examine what role the manager has in supporting their development and achieving the organisations aims and objectives

    Games can be designed to provide a measured and structured induction into an organisation, outlining the organisations structure, aims and objectives and the contributi on they will make

    People will be able to examine what they have learnt (knowledge, skills and attitude) from the development activity

  • Evaluation

    The organisation will be able to show investment in its peoples training and measure or show improved performance of the organisation, team and individuals

    Management and people will have a tool to examine their performance, and the performance of the team and the organisation as a whole

    People can give examples of relevant training and development activities that have improved their performance

When questioned most organisations agree that people are their greatest asset. Equally for an organisation to succeed in today's competitive marketplace everyone in the organisation has to perform well. To achieve this, people need the right knowledge, attitude and skills. Spy Inc will provide you a cost-effective framework to exa mine, develop and improve your people to ensure you succeed as an organisation.

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